February 6, 2009

The top 5 worth leaving

In a film's class last year, I learned to stay seated until the credits of a film are finished as it's nice to see all the people involved in the film (and respectful to them I think) plus while you see the credits you learn a lot about how the film was done. But sometimes is soooo difficult to stay seated even to see the end of the film!!
I only can recall two films that were so so so so but SO SUPER bad that I stopped watching them in the middle of it and another two that I didn't left because I went with friends to the theater so I waited for them to finish the film.

Do you have any film that can be added to this list of worth leaving in the middle of it?

These are my top 5:
1. Canvas, US imdb
2. Audition, Japan LaUchuva
3. Love in the Time of Cholera, US  imdb
4. Idiots, Denmark  LaUchuva
5. Life is a Miracle, Serbia LaUchuva


Paula Mejia said...

I can only think of two, although I am sure there are more: Love Actually, I found it SO sickly cheesy, but I didn't leave because I was with you. Also, Once Upon a time in Mexico, I had to leave!, nor even Johnny Depp could save it!

Olga Henao said...

I'm sorry don't be agree with two of the movies I saw on your lists.
Love in the time of cholera, I can say I prefer 1000 times the book over the film, but the wasn't bad.
and I felt very bad to see Love actually, which I think is a funny movie, I totally agree with the comments Claudia wrote about this movie and share the uchuvas she gave it 4.5.
there is one film, I don't remember the name (I'm going to looking for it) I left after 15 minutes, in which many people die everywhere, fall down from buildings, on the roads, I never understood why and I didn't wait to figure it out.

JPS said...

I rarely have an urge to walk out of a movie at a theater since I usually know enough about them to not even bother going if I suspect they might be terrible. Sometimes you do get dragged by a friend though, and such was the case with Black Hawk Down which I thought was an absolutely -terrible- film... I couldn't understand why it was receiving such acclaim at the time. I didn't quite leave but I did take an extended break to get soda and other snacks.

The other example I can think of is the The Diving Bell And The Butterfly, which was a great movie, but I found the first 10-15 minutes painfully excruciating to watch because the filmmakers were a little too successful at conveying the character's sense of entrapment and misery. I was literally squirming in my seat.

Claudia Henao said...

Come on!!! Can't believe you didn't like Love Actually!!! hahahhah!!! you stayed because of me??!!! you should have gone! Regarding "once Upon a time in Mexico, I have to say that a Mexican film, made by US with Banderas and Salma, sounds already suspicious!! I think that I saw this film, but I'm trying no to remember!! :)
The film you don't remember sounds very much like any Hollywood film... and if you left after 15 minutes, I think is better not to make an effort to remember!!!
By know some of you might know that I'm not into war films and the one you mentioned, although it has a good cast which doesn't mean anything if the film is bad, based on the trailers it's a film to be away from!
I don't remember that well the first 15 minutes of The diving Bell and the Butterfly, but I like the film in general, No a 5 Uchuvas film but good entertainment.

Thank you all for your comments!
Great fun!