December 9, 2008


English Title: Auditon
Takashi Miike, Japan, 1999, imdb
Review: 0.01 Uchuvas
Comment: I'm just taking some time to write this down as I deeply believe it's my responsibility to warn you about this "film". Please, if you have nothing to do at home and want to see it... Please, DO NOT. If you still have nothing better to do than wasting your time, give me a call and I either lend you a film or pay your ticket to go to your closest cinema. Please...I'm telling you... is better to do the washing up!! 
Now that I did take the time to warn you about this film, I also want to include in this comment the title of the second film I have left before it was finished: "Canvas", please.......don't!

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Claudia Henao said...

WELL... believe it or not this film has won some awards!!!
and I have found a lot of good comments in other blogs... so... you let me know if you like I stop being your friend!!