May 11, 2009


English Title: 3 Iron
Ki-duk Kim, South Korea, 2004, imdb
Review: 3.5 Uchuvas
Comment: Here with my second Korean film in the blog.  Against any prediction, this film was surprisedly soft and delicate (considering the idea I have of Korean cinematography).  With almost any dialogue at all (apart of my friends' comments during the film asking who is that guy? whose house is this? "that part is important so pay attention!", or, "he doesn't talk in the whole film" ;) this film doesn't have any special photography or effects or acting; it's just a nice and soft story with a nice ending that is open for you to guess it; the nicest you get your guess the nicest the film is.  Thanks Hrishi for hosting!

May 5, 2009

Le Scaphandre et le Papillon

English Title: The Diving Bell and the Butterfly
Julian Schnabel, France, 2007, imdb
Review: 3.5 Uchuvas
Comment: I remember that when I went to the theatre to watch this film I had so many expectations! so many that I end up totally disappointed.  I guess the story itself is so bloody sad that when you go to watch a film that you know it's deeply sad it doesn't make you feel that sad anymore unless it's a super great production which I think it's not the case here.  Maybe I'm wrong but from my point of view this film it's no much that a general sad film with no much of interesting factors on it. The only thing that it was really good and I still remember after these years, was the sound when the main character is "talking" or thinking. Plus the eyes scenes are deadly strong!

Rabbit-Proof Fence

English Title: Rabbit-Proof Fence
Phillip Noyce, Australia, 2002, imdb
Review: 4.0 Uchuvas
Comment: I didn't know that this film was a true story until I finish with the film and look for more information about the whole thing. The film it self is beautiful but the story is just amazing.


English Title: North
Rune Denstad Langlo, Norway, 2009, imdb
Review: 4.0 Uchuvas
Comment: The only film I managed to watch from Tribeca film festival. It was well worth the queue under the rain. It's a beautiful film as soft and delicate as most of the Scandinavian films. The last ski scene has the most amazing photography. Also, the film have the sweetest death I've seen in films!!!