March 21, 2012


English Title: Bolivia
Adrian Caetano, Argentina+Netherlands, 2001, imdb
Review: 1.5 Uchuvas
When I saw the name of the film, it cough my attention. Then I read the wrong storyline in netflix (I realized it was wrong when I finished watching the film) and thought it will be interesting. Then, when the film started, I was about to leave it as, at first, I didn't see the need of the black and white shoots. At the end turns out to be a boring film, bad acting, bad cinematography and so on.... Not worth watching in a million years. For my super big surprise it won a prize at Canes!! and UK and Spain!! why? I really don't know...

Amintiri din epoca de aur

English Title: Tales from the Golden Age
Hanno Hofer+others, Romania+France, 2009, imdb
Review: 4.0 Uchuvas
I haven't cried (for laughing so much) in a film for such a long time that, this is why Im giving so many Uchuvas to this film! The film is good... the concept is really good! they really are short "tales" about a communist party in Romania in the late 80's. Not only those tales were good... some how, and not for being Romanian or Easter European at all, I felt identify with the people in every "tale". 

March 11, 2012

Fish Tank

English Title: Fish Tank
Andrea Arnold, UK, 2009, imdb
Review: 3.5 Uchuvas
The script is quite good. It's a tough and rough history. Unexpected development, which was quite good. Acting was good as well. I really don't know why it didn't got me more... but it's a good film to watch.  I just realized that it's the same director as Red Road and yes... they are quite in the same line.  Como diriamos en mi familia: pero que bonita familia!!

March 4, 2012


English Title: Jellyfish
Shira Geffen, Israel+others, 2007, imdb
Review: 3.5 Uchuvas
It's kind of a weird feeling after watching this film. It is, indeed, very sad but some how it's not THAT depressing considering that none of the 4 stories is slightly happy. The actors weren't that good but the stories were nicely sad, nicely told and well edited (although sometimes the sequence should have been longer... well, from my humble point of view).

March 2, 2012

Jodaeiye Nader az Simin

English Title: A Separation
Asghar Farhadi, Iran, 20011, imdb
Review: 4.5 Uchuvas
A lot of things needs to be good for a film to be... good;  without any doubt acting make a good film a great film! Every single character of this movie was very well performed! the little kid was really credible! she reminds me tons Children of Heaven... same gestures, same drops, same smiles, same giggles... cute, cute, cute! I loved the first scene... there, you can seen the quality of actors the movie have. The script was really strong! not only the main theme but everything around it: culture, religion, family.  At some point I felt the film was a bit long but then I thought what part could be re-adjusted and I didn't find any.