August 30, 2010

Los viajes del viento

English Title: The wind Journeys
Ciro Guerra, Colombia+others, 2009, imdb
Review: 5.0 Uchuvas
Comment: I'm going to be totally partial with this film just because it's the most beautiful Colombian film I've seen so far. When I saw the trailer I couldn't believe it was a Colombian film that finally was showing what's worth watching from Colombia: its landscape!! The film is delicate, well thought, simple and amazingly filmed. If you like slow films and if you like watching photographs displayed as films, well... this is a must film for you. Amazing photograph work! Amazing country!!! (If you are in US, it's on netflix, watch instantly!)

after a while....

Almost 3 months out but... here I am... trying to recap... although it will be impossible to remember all the films I've seen in the last months!!
Thanks to the ones asking about lauchuva lately! All of you've said: "I don't really read it but how is it going..." (hahaha) thanks anyway!!
I'll keep writing just for the fun of it...