May 5, 2009

Le Scaphandre et le Papillon

English Title: The Diving Bell and the Butterfly
Julian Schnabel, France, 2007, imdb
Review: 3.5 Uchuvas
Comment: I remember that when I went to the theatre to watch this film I had so many expectations! so many that I end up totally disappointed.  I guess the story itself is so bloody sad that when you go to watch a film that you know it's deeply sad it doesn't make you feel that sad anymore unless it's a super great production which I think it's not the case here.  Maybe I'm wrong but from my point of view this film it's no much that a general sad film with no much of interesting factors on it. The only thing that it was really good and I still remember after these years, was the sound when the main character is "talking" or thinking. Plus the eyes scenes are deadly strong!

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