December 9, 2008

Love Actually

English Title: Love Actually
Richard Curtis, UK, 2003, imdb
Review: 4.5 Uchuvas
Comment: Oh well, it's Christmas so here you go... Some of you might call it "cheesy" and some others might call it "chick-flick" but to be totally honest with you all I just Loved this film sooooo much that I don't give 5 Uchuvas only because some of you would end your friendship with me straight away! I think it's a funny cute movie. Maybe I've been in a good mood every time I've seen it, don't know, but I think it's really good. There is one scene that makes the whole film worth it: when one of the guys is buying a necklace for his "prospective" lover and "Mr. Bean" is the sales guy and helps him with the sale...a master piece's scene!


Olga Henao said...

I enjoy a lot this film.
The escene at rhe airport at the end of the movie was quite touching for me.
I am sure I'm not going to loose any friendship, that's why I give it 5 Uchuvas.

Claudia Henao said...

I'm not very sure that it will deserve 5 Uchuvas (I'm not even sure that deserve 4.5) but I always enjoy watching this film.

The scene at the airport... yes, it's kind of similar to the beginning of the film with all these people hugging and crying and the narrator in the background... nice!