December 8, 2008

Recommendation by Hrishi

I haven't seen this film: Tokyo Monogatari or Tokyo Story; but Hrishi sent such a detailed comment that I thought I might included here. Thanks Hrishi! I let you know when I see it.
Hrishi's comment:
"5 Uchuvas. Most people here  think of Kurosawa (or more lately, Miyazaki) when they think of Japanese movies. But while Kurosawa primarily used a more dramatic idiom for his movies (kings, samurais, sharply drawn good/evil lines, etc.), Yasujiro Ozu dealt with universal, contemporary, everyman themes in an incredibly delicate and sensitive way. Tokyo Story is perhaps his best known work, and one of the most beautiful movies I have seen. This is a narrative which, though set in 50s Tokyo, is equally relevant in any other place at any other time - the distancing of children from their parents as they grow up and life gets in the way. I first saw it at an Ozu Festival in Berkeley and since then, I never miss a chance to see an Ozu film, anywhere. There's a plot synopsis on IMDB but I'd recommend not reading it and just watching the movie. It has been released by Criterion on DVD:"


Uqbar said...

Clau, I would be happy to lend it to you - I just got my copy from Criterion this week

Claudia Henao said...

Sure! Thanks! Next time we meet I'll remind you!