February 1, 2009

Entre Les Murs

English Title: The Class
Laurent Cantet, France, 2008, imdb
Review: 4.0 Uchuvas
Comment: Finally I made it! After waiting for such a long time I watched The Class today! To talk about this film you have to name Francois Begaudeau; he wrote the book (which won a French prize), did the screenplay (with the director an another guy) and played the main character. He did a great job everywhere. What I liked the most was the outstanding acting. All the students were nonprofessional actors and what a job they did!!! The whole film looks very real... That is the best of the film, the sense of reality. I'll have to say that, for me, this type of films are tough to digest, for me it has been tough to get into films that don't tell an specific story but it shows a fact. I'd love to know French... the dialogues are kind of quick and if you have to read you miss a bit of the moment. It's a great film, I wouldn't say that it's for a Palm D'or (as it is) but...

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