February 15, 2009


English Title: The Sacrifice
Andrei Tarkovsky, Sweden-UK-France, 1986, imdb
Review: 4.0 Uchuvas
Comment: It's not an easy film for the only fact that it's extremely slow; I was about to collapse half way of the film but manage to forget about the story and just enjoy the amazing cinematography.  Most of the shoots of the film (if not all) were so beautiful! The use of color emphasis so beautifully the photo. There were million of scenes where it looks like a portrait! I remember especially one of them that reminds me Johannes Vermeer's paintings. It really amuse me how a film could make that!  The other great point of the film is the movements of the camera... it moves horizontally several times during the film but soooooo slowly that lulls you!!! As I said, it's a beautiful film but be aware of the slowness of it! My sister will get sleep in the first minute of the film for sure!

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