February 1, 2009

Habla con Ella

English Title: Talk to Her
Pedro Almodovar, Spain, 2002, imdb
Review: 5.0 Uchuvas
Comment: I've been re-watching a lot of Almodovar's movies recently; that guy is just amazing! He really is!!! I've been trying to recall a bad film of his and I only can remember one that I'll need to see again just to make sure that I didn't like it (Atame). Talk to her is one of my favorites Almodovar's movies!! The story is soo good! The main actor (Javier Camara) is really really good! As in ALL Almodovar's movies (well at least the ones I remember with detail) the cinematography is unbelievable!!! There are two scenes that I just think are so beautiful and perfect!!: the silent film, which is a high!!! only he can imagine a scene like this one!!!! and the dressing up of the bullfighter... that part is just soooo amazing!!!! the sound in that part of the film is so beautiful!!!! so much!! For me this film is one of the greatest he's done!


Yogeeta said...

This is definitely a 5.0 Unchuva movie! I absolutely love how the story shifts forward and backward in time. The cinematography in warm colors is beautiful, and yes the bullfighting scenes were especially stunning! I agree with you that only he can think of introducing a silent film within a film! That was brilliant. There are too many great things to say about the movie and I won't list them all here. But one scene that I can't take my mind off from is the open air music performance by the Brazilian singer. I love that music even though I don't understand what he sings (and there were no subtitles) and the way he has captured Marco's emotions during that. Best La Uchuva recommendation I've seen so far.

Claudia Henao said...

Isn't aaaamazing??!!
The lyric is from Tomas Mendez, a Mexican guy. The song has been performed by a million of artists and Caetano Velozo is one of the most famous ones performing the song plus Lola Beltran who is a "ranchera" singer.
Here is the link to Lola singing... really nice: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fHq1PnEQZ6k&feature=related

Thanks for your comment!!