February 4, 2009

Vals Im Bashir

English Title: Waltz with Bashir
Ari Folman, Israel+others, 2008, imdb
Review: 3.5 Uchuvas
Comment: Without any doubt the graphics are great, the artistic side of the film is really good. I like a lot how they play with a yellowish color; that color and some others gave so much power to the film, especially to the subject of it; for me the color talks for itself.  I won't say that the film is a bad film... not at all! It's just that I don't like war films even if they are animation films!! In fact it's very stressing looking at an animation film (which is suppose to be fun and relax) showing a war story. For people who don't care much about watching or not war films, it's really worth it!

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