October 19, 2009

1st LaUchuva film Festival

So, here I am with the 1st LaUchuva film Festival!!!!
I really don't know how to make this selection; I just realized that I want to nominate more than 10 films!!! But, I will do this first year, is to select only 4 films with only one parameter: I just totally loooooved the film. (what a parameter, ah?!! oh well...)
So, the nominees for LaUchuva d'Or 2009 areeeeeeeeeeeeeee:
1. La Sconosciuta (The Unkwon woman), Italy, 2006, LaUchuva
2. 4 luni, 3 saptamani si 2 zile (4 months, 3 weeks and 2 days), Romania, 2007, LaUchuva
3. Lat den ratte kom in (Let the right one in), Sweeden,2008, LaUchuva
4. El Laberinto del Fauno (Pan's Labyrinth), Mexico, 2009, LaUchuva
If you want to vote before the festival, feel free to do it here or via email lauchuva@gmail.com

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