November 13, 2008

Lat den ratte komma in

English Title: Let the right one in
Tomas Alfredson, Sweden , 2008, imdb
Review: 5.0 Uchuvas
Comment: A great, great, great film! I'll include it as a candidate for LaUchuva d' Or 2009. I won't comment too much as I don't want to spoil the film but from my point of view there are 5 things I thought were great: 1. The story, (finally something different about that subject!) It's so well constructed! developed very, very delicately. 2. The actors and actress' performances were great. The girl couldn't be any better!! 3. The effects. There are A LOT of tiny details that you could miss but give so much power to the film (for example the noise of the girl's stomach or the change in her pupil in one scene, or ....) 4. The color, sooo appropriated! so much! 5. Somewhere I read that the music wasn't that good but I totally disagree with that. I like it, and I like it a lot!
So, now, go and see it!

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