November 7, 2008


English Title: Brazil
Terry Gilliam, UK, 1985, imdb
Review: 4.0 Uchuvas
Comment: When Botero told me to see this film he mentioned something about thinking that Gilliam is an Industrial Designer so I saw the film with that in mind (although following Gilliam's biography he did start studying physics and   then fine arts but finished politic sciences).  I'm glad that I saw the film thinking that it was more an artistic film than a story telling.  But without any doubt the story is also good, kind of funny and bizarre! I just totally loved the visual art of the film. Every set is so well made exaggerating the perspectives in such a way that creates incredible spaces! The mixture of reality and dreams are great too. There are so many funny and great things to mention! like the aesthetic surgeries, the great design of the ducts systems in the house (like a body with even a heart!!), the food in the restaurant... yes, a great film!

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