February 16, 2012

La Pianiste

English Title: The Piano Teacher
Michael Haneke, France+others, 2001, imdb
Review: 4.0 Uchuvas
I saw it last night and if I had reviewed it by then, I would have put much less Uchuvas as I don't like films with gross scenes but with Haneke you just need to be prepared for anything! The teacher is just incredible! the character couldn't have been more well performed! The scenarios where just perfect selected... the music, the color, the costumes were just perfect to create a stressful and dramatic film.  However, from Haneke, The white ribbon is the best one so far (by far!)


Yogeeta said...

This film has one of the most powerful endings I've ever seen!

LaUchuva said...

mmm... I never understood "that" part... you have to let me know your thoughts because I thought it was too much without the need of it...