February 18, 2012

Code Inconnu: Recit incomplet de divers voyages

English Title: Code Unknown: Incomplete Tales of Several Journeys
Michael Haneke, France+others, 2000, imdb
Review: 3.0 Uchuvas
Anohter Haneke film this week.... and Mmm... no, I didn't like it... and I now openly confess that I don't like Juliette Binoche either.  I feel that Binoche is just too over acted. I did love her performance in Chocolate but other than that I can't remember any other film that I like her... maybe "Blue". Anyway, she's not the only one there and well... the film was much more than her performance. It's not a boring film as the stories are nice but as an overall i think it's a film you can live without watching it.  

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