June 11, 2010

Le Pere de mes Enfants

English Title: The Father of my Children
Mia Hansen-Love, France, 2009, imdb
Review: 2.0 Uchuvas
Comment: After the first 1.5 hour of this film I thought: How much longer is going to be before something happens in this film!!! Now that I know this film last 1 hour 50 minutes I realized that the first 1.5 hour must has been only 50 min!! That being said, it's obvious how boring this film was!! I guess the director or screen player (or who knows who!!) wanted to defined the main character very well, which in fact they did!!! but in the first 10-15 minutes!!!.... The rest of the film is as boring as the first half and again... nothing happen at all!.... Nothing special to recall about the film... n o t h i n g

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