May 31, 2010

MicMacs a Tire-Larigot

English Title: Micmacs
Jean-Pierre Jeunet, France, 2009, imdb
Review: 4.0 Uchuvas
Comment: I guess as a follower of Jeunet's films (Delicatessen, the city of Lost Children, Amelie, A very long Engament), I can't give less that 4 Uchuvas to this film. I would have given less than four but I just can't with this director. His films (including this one) are cleaver, "light" and beautifully made! I liked better the other films (except Delicatessen that I didn't like that much) but his style is there, his magic is there and the colors (the same beloved green and red colors) are there!! I think this guy has a great style that he has been able to keep during his films without loosing originality in each one of them.

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