July 4, 2009

Why not FF posting

(FF=Festival Fims)
I had an idea of posting FF news and winners in the blog. I started doing it but suddenly I realized that:
1. There are more FF in the word than mosquitos in the air!
2. There are more unknown films than unknown clouds types. 
3. If I wanted to post about the FF I had to dedicated more than:
a. 90% of my posting talking about them.
b. 80% of my time looking for info about them.
4. If I was reading so much about the FF I new which films are around and which ones I would like to see, which is not bad at all BUT:
1. I have to wait for months to see the films which make my expectations go higher and higher with time and:
a. I feel disappointed most of the time after having such a high expectations (case: Gomorra)
b. After reading so much about the film I knew everything (plot), which I don't like at all!
After realizing this, I felt sick and decided:
1. I won't post about FF in the blog.
2. I won't look for information in the web about the FF.  I will only (and this is my advice) create a list of films that has been shown in IMPORTANT FF.  Just keep them in mind to see them without reading too much about them.
I will create a post with my list... if you want to have a look...
In the mid time and because I don't post too many US films, I want to suggest this great film: "Away we go" ...Super nice!

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